четвъртък, 29 януари 2009 г.

“I Want Him Dead!”

A lawyer, a prostitute and a journalist: three women-friends from childhood meet during a court trial, having lost tracks of each other for about 15 years. The circumstances regarding that meeting are strange – a series of murders yet to be investigated. The lives of the girls have run differently, but all three have learnt that it is difficult to be a woman in a world where men reign and rule almost 100% of the worldwide capital. They endeavor to evade the trap set by an adamant man’s hand.The prostitute puts efforts into making use of knowing that men, since early childhood, have grown into the habit of manually enlarging their body parts, located just a span below heir navels and have long known the pleasure of something growing and bulking in their hands and never give up hankering for more.The journalist is trying to do something more for herself, keeping men a hand away by using her strong mind. But nothing seems to complicate a woman’s life as much as her intellect. All she could then do is but ask: “… how did we get this far? To hit on green coroners and use the information obtained to save my former friend, who, on her turn, to have become a prostitute and a murderess. And you to be forced to sleep with the mobster that made her reach that plight”.The lawyer simply says: “I want him dead! Only dead men do not hanker!”

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