четвъртък, 29 януари 2009 г.

“Paid Sex – The Secret World of Men!”

Paid sex has always favored and entertained mostly men. We do not envy their entertainment, but it would be good to share the money. This business has been made use of different men, from MPs to dustmen. It has been practiced by different women, from illiterate gypsy girls to intelligent models.There is hardly a person, who has not succumbed to the temptation of trying a bite on the forbidden fruit of paid sex. All condemn it, but none would refuse to give or take a dime to have it or to someone to give it to them. A typical hypocrisy of people: everyone hankers is it one way or another, but does not want others to hanker it, either. Democracy.And it retains its double-standard status of half-accepted and half-rejected. Society acknowledges it as such, as long as pains are taken to remain concealed, not to bother or irritate it that much. Law dubiously and perfunctory describes it, laying its hand on it next to never. Media: printed and electronic, publish announcements and advertisements of its activities, and to get morally alleviated, if having moral at all, add to broadcasts warning for not being responsible for the information disseminated. Then, more often than not, would loudly comment on crimes connected with it.The executive power, represented by the police, accepts prostitution indifferently and would move into action against it only if too audacious. Audacity, as a concept, is too vague, but oftentimes prostitutes in the streets would be arrested for that reason.The most indifferent and regardless to prostitution is the judicial system. In the last decades only ten people have been sentenced in connection with prostitution.I have not provided a “Self-Help” textbook, nor have I written a scientific presentation on the benefits and harms of prostitution. All I want is warn the girls, who have not yet set out on that way, about the difficulties they are to face. And to help those, who have already set out on the road of paid love, if not in any other way, at least by giving advice.

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