четвъртък, 29 януари 2009 г.

“The Wroth of the Lesbians”

In the course of years men have held key-positions in governments, palaces and slums. All struggle to experience the thrill to reign and bring to submission because they are, in a base and staggering way, in the grip of violence. To men, abuse and amusement go hand in hand. According to statistical data, the better half of humankind has committed just ten percent of all crimes in the world, most of them in complicity with men. But a desperate and ignored woman no longer makes bones about it, nor does she tear nacreous buttons flooded in tears. Instead, revenge can be sought. It can even be achieved. And be as adamant as any man in a similar situation. In the men’s callous world of deliberate murders gradually sneaked people who pee squatting. Those doing it upright get irritated at the perspective of having women-rivals.In this book, women kill side by side with men, each woman having her personal reasons and a distinctive approach.One prefers pulling strings, while having others doing the dirty job on revenge she is up to. She is ready to lose untold riches to see a man who had driven her against the wall beheaded.Another would stand facing the targeted victim and would, in a purely womanly way, shoot him in the loins. While blood sheds, a man has time to become aware of his sins. If thinking himself a sinner at all.Still other would be a listless witness. As far as a coroner-woman investigating a murder could remain partial. She is often confronted by an aspect of man’s character most women would never be allowed to see. She is a trustee in clandestine male societies: police, government, organized crime, business. She is well aware that there are two types of players. One, called “fugitives”, get involved to evade heat and mumbling wives. The others are confident players. They really fall for crowds and hustling. Men! They live as if never going to die, and die, as if they have never lived!

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